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  • Hypericum Perforatum Extract
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    Hypericum Perforatum Extract

    Product Name: Hypericum Perforatum Extract/St. John's Wort P.E
    Content:0.3% Hypericins,Test by UV
    Main Function:Enhance the effect of neurotransmitters in the brain. It has the function of anti-depressive and sedative properties and etc.
  • Icariin Extract Powder
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    Icariin Extract Powder

    Content:Icariin 10%,20%
    Main Function:Icariin Extract Powder can enhance the immune function of organism, can enhance and maintain normal adrenal cortex function and immune function and etc.
  • Passion Flower Extract Powder
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    Passion Flower Extract Powder

    Specification:4% Flavone
    Main Function:Passion Flower Extract Powder has the effect on relieving stresses and protecting the body against various stresses,including physical, mental or emotional stress and etc.
  • Extract Of White Willow Bark
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    Extract Of White Willow Bark

    Content:15%,25% Salicin,Test by UV
    Main Function:1. Treat fever, colds and infections
    2. Reduce arthritis pain and back pain
  • Green Tea Extract Powder
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    Green Tea Extract Powder

    Content: 50% Polyphenols
    Main Function: Hypolipidemic,keeping fit, diabetes Prevention
  • St John's Wort Extract Powder
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    St John's Wort Extract Powder

    Product Name: St. John's Wort P.E
    Content:0.3% Hypericins,Test by UV
    Main Function:Antibacterial,Hemostasis and etc.
  • White Willow Bark Extract Powder
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    White Willow Bark Extract Powder

    Content:15%,25% Salicin,Test by UV
    Main Function:White Willow Bark Extract Powder has the same effect on the body as aspirin without any of the side effects, Anti-inflammation, fever relief, an analgesic, Relieve acute and chronic pain, including headache, back and...
  • Frankincense Extract Powder
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    Frankincense Extract Powder

    Content:Frankincic Acid 65%
    Main Function:Relieving pain and invigorating the circulation of blood and etc.
  • Epimedium Extract Powder
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    Epimedium Extract Powder

    Specification:Icariin 10%,20%
    Main Function: Tonifying kidney, strengthening the bones and muscles and etc.
  • Green Tea P.E
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    Green Tea P.E

    Specification:50% Polyphenols
    Main Function:Conquer the blood grease, anti-oxidation and etc.
  • Passiflora Coerulea L. Extract
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    Passiflora Coerulea L. Extract

    Specification:4% Flavone
    Main Function:1.Promotion of digestion.2.Lowers blood lipids, prevents arteriosclerosis, lowers blood pressure, prevents cell aging and etc.
  • Echinacea Extract Powder
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    Echinacea Extract Powder

    Content:Phenolics 4.0%,Test by HPLC;Cichoric Acid 3.0%,HPLC
    Main Function:Immunostimulating Effects
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